Vietnam Regional Blood Transfusion Centre Project (Georesults)

The Regional Blood Transfusion Centers (RBTCs) Project was envisioned to secure the health benefits of safe blood transfusion for the population. A network of  regional transfusion centers that serve public hospitals now provides safe and cost-effective blood supplies which are free from HIV/AIDS virus and targeted for appropriate clinical uses.

The ODTA team is using the Georesults visualization tool to display images, videos and results stories of the project as the activities are taking place. Georesults helps to enhance transparency in project activities as it allows stakeholders and other interested parties to explore a project from a local perspective. This online space features an interactive map and a photo set with the before and after pictures of different project locations.

The Georesults site for the Vietnam Regional Blood Transfusion Centre Project: http://maps.worldbank.org/content/georesults#project=P073305