Rio Grande do Sul policy crowdsourcing

In the state of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, the World Bank is supporting better citizens engagement through policy crowdsourcing. In the initiative “Governador Pergunta” (“The Governor Asks”), citizens are co-designing solutions to address policy challenges. They use the Internet and mobile phones to submit and vote on proposals. Volunteers travel all around the state with laptops, mobile phones and tablets to inform the state’s 11 million citizens and encourage everyone to participate. In a consultation process on health policies in 2012, this process generated over 1,300 proposals, with more than 120,000 votes cast on the prioritization of the different proposals. Some proposals, including building a 24/7 maternal health service center, have already been realized. Currently, ODTA-ICT4Gov is supporting scaling up this innovative approach in citizen engagement across the other states of Brazil.

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