Nepal Project for Agriculture Commercialization and Trade (Georesults)

The Project aims to improve the competitiveness, productivity, quality and market access of smallholder farmers and the agribusiness sector in selected commodity value chains in 25 districts. The project supports demand-based sub-projects proposed by farmer groups, cooperatives, agribusinesses and other value chain participants to build strategic linkages. The project also finances activities to strengthen the efficiency and effectiveness of sanitary and phyto-sanitary services to reduce existing obstacles to agricultural and food trade. It also supports the private sector’s efforts to gain market advantage through improved food quality management.

The ODTA project is using the Georesults visualization tool to display images, videos and results stories of the project as the activities are taking place. Georesults helps to enhance transparency in project activities as it allows stakeholders and other interested parties to explore a project from a local perspective. This online space features an interactive map and a photo set with the before and after pictures of different project locations.

The Georesults site for the Nepal Agriculture Commercialization and Trade Project: http://maps.worldbank.org/content/georesults#project=P087140