Edo State Open Data Initiative

The Edo State Open Data Portal.

The Edo State Open Data Portal.

Over the past four years, the Edo State Government has made major investments in a reform agenda that is bringing visible changes to Edo State and the lives of its citizens. Building on these achievements, the Edo State Government, with technical assistance from the World Bank, is implementing an Open Government Initiative designed to directly strengthen the State’s competitiveness, investment climate and skills development.  The project promotes citizen engagement and participation in the development of Edo state through improved access to information, government-citizen dialogue and citizen oversight in public investments.

Edo State’s Open Government efforts are designed to transform how its citizens access and engage with their government. Successful implementation of this Open Government Program will establish Edo State as the model of accountable, innovative government for all of Nigeria.

Under this initiative, an Edo Open Government Framework and Action Plan was produced by the Directorate of ICT with contributions from multiple agencies and civil society organizations in Edo State, while incorporating global best practices and input from international experts. The Initiative aims to change the way how Edo’s citizens access and engage with their government. The Initiative conceived Government as a “platform” that enables many stakeholders—MDAs, civil society and individual citizens—to directly engage in public activities such as delivering public services (especially eServices), reusing government data, monitoring government spending and performance, participating in policymaking, and reporting problems with public services.

This initiative has five platforms including an Open Data Platform, a Citizen Engagement Platform, and Innovation Platform, a Public Service Platform and an Institutional Platform. The Program has a flexible, “modular” design that will enable the Government to easily remove or add components if Edo’s needs and priorities change over time. Training is a key part of every platform in the Edo Open Government Program.  It is important to note that the activities described in Framework for Edo State Open Government Program are intended to serve as a roadmap for implementation and do not indicate any funding commitment by any party.  Still, the World Bank has been supporting through technical assistance some of these activities such as the Open Data Portal. The full implementation of all activities here described depends on the identification on behalf of the Government of possible funding options as this Open Government Program moves forward.

The Government, supported by the World Bank, has also engaged the Edo State developer community and Civil Society Organizations to reuse its Open Data in the creation of new, innovative applications. The Edo Open Data portal, aims to be the first Open Data portal in Nigeria and all of West Africa. The public unveiling of Edo Open Government Program through the launch of the Edo State Open Data Portal will be followed by a series of activities seeking to build momentum and sustain interest, culminating with a nation-wide Apps For Edo Competition.

The Edo State Open Data Portal: http://data.edostate.gov.ng/