Citizen feedback on justice services

In Niger, the Ministry of Justice recently established a hotline (ligne verte) in light of the pervasive public lack of knowledge about the judiciary system.

The ODTA-ICT4Gov program worked closely with the Prime Minister’s office and all four mobile phone operators in the country to develop and integrate a mobile-based platform – with the objective of evaluating users’ experience with the justice system in general and the hotline more specifically (issues of access, satisfaction…)  in order to improve it.

The platform was deployed over one week in a survey that allowed any Nigerien citizen to participate free of charge by sending by SMS the word “justice” to the short code “311″. The open invitation to participate was done through a press conference, TV, radio and newspapers announcements as well as mass SMS of mobilization.

The survey attracted the interest of over 65,000 Nigeriens from all eight regions of the country of which 46,000 actively responded to the questions. These results show a majority of those who participated are men (67%) and students (46%). The majority of respondents would turn to the modern rather than traditional justice system to solve their problems because they trust it more and for those who wouldn’t turn to the judiciary apparatus at all (37%), the main reason cited was a lack of understanding of how the system works. Knowledge about the hotline was widespread among the participants (63%) although few of them have ever called it (15%) and primarily to seek information rather than lodge a complaint. These users are in their majority satisfied with their services of the hotline (66%) and for the non-negligible proportion of dissatisfied, it is mainly because of the lack of resolution following their call. The main expectation however with regard to the hotline is the fight against corruption in all sectors.

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