In this area, ICT is being used to solicit citizens or independent third parties to gather information for the monitoring of project implementation. ODTA is offering “know-how’s” to Bank Operations and its client countries.

Mobile and web-based mechanisms allow citizens and civil society organizations to gather information on projects, and report issues in a watchdog role. The platform integrates in existing feedback management systems, such as call centers or help-desk ticketing systems that assign tasks to responsible officials in implementing agencies to ensure responsiveness to citizens and uptake in project implementation.

Ceara State: Ceara Program for Results (P4R) / RAS

This project supports initiatives related to the improvement of public sector management, namely through the monitoring of project implementation and improvement in the link between supply and demand of public services related to early childhood development (ECD). Two main activities are envisaged: i) elaboration of multi-channel platform to monitor project implementation (e.g. construction of crèches) ii) creation o
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