In this area, ICT is being used to solicit citizens or independent third parties to gather information for the monitoring of project implementation. ODTA is offering “know-how’s” to Bank Operations and its client countries.

Mobile and web-based mechanisms allow citizens and civil society organizations to gather information on projects, and report issues in a watchdog role. The platform integrates in existing feedback management systems, such as call centers or help-desk ticketing systems that assign tasks to responsible officials in implementing agencies to ensure responsiveness to citizens and uptake in project implementation.

Vietnam Primary Education for Disadvantaged Children (Georesults)

The objective of the Primary Education for Disadvantaged Children Project for Vietnam is to improve access to primary school and the quality of education for disadvantaged boys and girls. In particular, the IDA funds will enable the continuing delivery of a package of support for primary education in order to ensure a Fundamental School Quality Level is reached at all main and satellite schools in 226 districts in th
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Philippines Mindanao Rural Development Project (Georesults)

The Mindanao Rural Development Project (MRDP2) has promoted rural growth in southern Philippines by enhancing productivity and livelihood through the involvement of local governments and communities. The project has increased the average household income of beneficiaries by about 16 % from 2007 to 2011, which is more than double the targeted increase for the period. Implementing the program is the Department of Agric
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Nepal Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Project

The Project supports inclusive local water supply and sanitation. User groups plan, implement and operate drinking water and sanitation infrastructure to deliver sustainable health, hygiene and productivity benefits to rural households. This has empowered communities and promoted awareness about environmentally sound sanitation. These schemes are durable with a significantly higher rating of 89% compared to 56%, the
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Edo State Open Data Initiative

Over the past four years, the Edo State Government has made major investments in a reform agenda that is bringing visible changes to Edo State and the lives of its citizens. Building on these achievements, the Edo State Government, with technical assistance from the World Bank, is implementing an Open Government Initiative designed to directly strengthen the State’s competitiveness, investment climate and skill
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Open Data Supports the Urban Upgrading Project in its Efforts to Prevent Violence

The Urban Upgrading for Violence Prevention Project and the community mapping initiative part of this project were built upon the results of a South-South Exchange that took place in Benin City on July 4 to 8, 2011. In this meeting the Edo State policy makers met with their peers from Jamaica, Colombia, South Africa, Kenya and Lagos (Nigeria) to exchange perspectives on citizen engagement, use of geo-referenced tools
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Georesults Maps the Activities of the Belize Municipal Development Project

The objective of the Belize Municipal Development Project is to improve access to basic municipal infrastructure and to enhance municipal management in selected town and city councils of Belize. The project works toward increasing the  provision of drainage, improve local road infrastructure as well as improve the ability of town and city councils to work on public infrastructure investments. It also provides technic
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Georesults Visualizing the Activities of the Rwanda Land Husbandry, Water Harvesting, and Hillside Irrigation Project

  Land Husbandry, Water Harvesting and Hillside Irrigation (LWH) is a government project under the Ministry of Agriculture of Rwanda. The project was designed in March 2008 to increase the productivity and commercialization of hillside agriculture in target areas through capacity development in farmer organizations, extension marketing and rural finance, land husbandry, water harvesting, and irrigation. The proj
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Geo-mapping the Sub-Projects of West Kenya Community Driven Development and Flood Mitigation Project

This project supports the Government of Kenya (GoK) in the development of a citizen-driven, ICT-enabled system for enhancing Western Kenya CDD and Flood Mitigation Project monitoring and supervision at the sub-county and community level and governance at the community level. The process aims to: 1) enhance the ability to monitor, compare and disseminate sub-projects/sublocations results-based framework performance, l
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Rio Grande do Norte Regional Development and Governance Project

This project is focused on a multi-channel system for policy and service evaluation. The activity will establish mobile- and web-based systems for collecting data on the quality and access of public policies and services supported by the project. The systems will allow for the simultaneous implementation of remote surveys according to different sampling techniques. They will also permit the data to be viewed in aggre
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